Evan Dell

Who are you?

I am Evan Dell a professional photographer and master barber from Central FL. I have been shooting almost 7 years now, hair for 2 years. I have toured as a photographer for victory records, rise records, and come & live records. I have been internationally published in magazines an on the web for a plethora of bands and performers. I really do not like to restrict my genres I work in. I love working with models and fashion as well as wedding photography. I just wanna be the best artist I can be and never be satisfied with my work. I love the thrill of progression and making people happy with my work.

Who has awakened your passion for photography?

I would have to say Norman Jean Roy from details mag, Nick Saurez out of Nyc, Jordan Kocka in LA, Sebastian Kim from GQ mag, and Noah Sahady NyC (great dude awesome artist). All of them found their unique style and progress frequently. They make me want to be a better photographer and also help me see the flows in my shooting.

How would you describe your shooting style?

Oh thats a toughie. id say have to say i have my own process, any time im driving i tend to veer off and explore new locations randomly. I big on lighting scenarios and location id say im ocd about them haha. I just aim for clean images i can polish i guess.

What is your go to shooting gear?

My 5d mark ii and either my 35L or my 50L good in almost any situation and beautiful tones.

What are your tips for great photos with people?

Get to know your subjects a bit helps to capture who they are if you know who they are and what they like. Also get your images right in camera worry about post later. If the images is solid on camera it'll be solid any way you dissect it later.

Is there the perfect photo?

I believe all photos grab an opinion or a theory behind them. some people see perfection, or execution of technique, some hate the photo its up to the viewers to decide it for them selves and internalize it.


This interview was originally published on BehindTheCamera.co.