Daniel Nguyen

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Daniel Nguyen, I am a Editorial/Lifestyle Photographer.
My nickname is also Dnuggins.

How did you get into photography?

It started in high school, I took a photography class over the summer to fill in the art prerequisite, then I started shooting for yearbook, then in college I worked for the school newspaper. It was very fun contributing, when I did a parody shoot about college life, it was then I wanted to get into photography and experiment with ideas and have fun with it.

What’s your favorite color?

Its actually Green!
My other favorite color is maroon though. Almost every shoot I'm on I'm usually wearing maroon, my whole wardrobe is maroon. I feel its one of the few colors that works well for me haha.

What cameras do you shoot with?

I shoot with the D800 currently, sometimes if the files sizes are too big, and I need speed I'll jump to my D700.

You go to a shooting on location. What do you take with you?

On locations I usually pack a couple of reflectors, 3 prime lenses (35, 50, 85) and a film body. I try to keep traveling on locations light, it makes it easier to move around and be very flexible with lighting.

Describe your post production work flow

My workflow is fairly simple, I work in Lightroom to adjust whatever there is needed to be adjusted, but I try my best to not spend too much time in post, I try to make sure everything in camera is close to perfect. Otherwise in PS I usually retouch blemishes, fix the hair, on some rare cases I'll try compositing images to make something interesting. I edit all my photos in bulk (not too friendly with my computer), I like to edit all in one go.

What subject do you shoot the most?

I like to shoot portraits, shooting people is fun, its the process of getting to know the person and sharing stories about shoot and life in general makes it worth while.

What is your favorite photo technique?

I actually don't have any on the top of my head haha.

What's your secret recipe for great portraits?

Never hold back on your creativity. Use your imagination and let it take over.

This interview was originally published on BehindTheCamera.co.


Daniel Nguyen

Daniel Nguyen is a Photographer from the USA.