Dominic Clarke

Who are you?

Dominic Clarke from London, England.

How did you get into photography?

I think, like most people, I started out casually taking pictures of friends and at social events and it was quite fun. I became curious about some technical aspects at the start and then it became more about the subject.

How would you describe your shooting style?

I can only really say that it might have a natural look to it. It also changes depending on what the feeling is.

What is your go to shooting gear?

That also changes a lot - at the moment it's a Canon EOS 3 with a 28-70.

What are your favorite subjects?

People, friends, girls, nature... that sort of thing.

What is the most important when shooting of people?

A communication or connection most of the time. For me anyway. But it shouldn't be forced, like "Okay I'm going to talk to you for a while" like I ask them a question and they respond with the appropriate reply... Sometimes you can just play some cool music in the background and play around - while taking pictures.

Many of your pictures look spontaneous. How much work and planning you put in your pictures?

We try to have fun with it but I also need/try to think and use my imagination with situations, to make the picture interesting or a little special. We try out different ideas and sometimes we 'stumble' across some random gestures or reactions. Maybe it's just about trusting that being in the 'the moment' will be enough and reacting to what happens.


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Dominic Clarke

Dominic Clarke is a Photographer from the United Kingdom.