Donna Lewis

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Donna Lewis. I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have two grown amazing daughters, two of the cutest pups on the planet and the sweetest husband anyone could wish for! I have also surrounded myself with the greatest friends - most I've known for decades. They help me stay sane and constantly live a life - with alot of laughs and good times.

Whats your favourite color?

Black and Blue ...Black because its nothingness is beauty and blue because it instantly makes me smile

What was your dream job as a child?

My earliest memory was to become a vet ...until I got older and realized you would have to give animals needles and deal with wounds. I thought I could just be surrounded by cute fluffy animals. haha!

How did you get into photography

I got my hands on my Moms camera ( a 110 Kodak instamatic) and I was addicted to taking pictures ever since. I catologued my daughters childhood in many many many albums and then eventually wanted to persue concert photography - since music is my other great passion... after 100s of live shows and 1000s of images...I decided to finally try to take photography to a professional level. A friend of mine introduced me to fashion week here in Edmonton and was instantly in LOVE with fashion and beauty!

What means photography to you?

Photography is passion, creativity, a memory, a connection, wonderment and emotion

What is your typical shooting gear?

Canon Mark II, Canon 50mm 1.2 and Canon 85mm 1.2

What will be your next photography related purchase?

Just this week I bought the most beautiful rolling camera bag by Think Tank...I'm still too in love to think of anything else!

Do you prefer male or female models?

I am very good at photographing women....but I love the males too! I don't seem to get the opportunity to shoot them!

Whats your secret recipe for great portraits?

Oh boy..I wish I have a secret!! I try to find something I really love in the image I'm about to take ...whether its the person, the makeup or hair, the clothes, the location. I think that shows in my portraits.

What is beauty?

To me its never been outer beauty - which is ironic since I shoot really beautiful people but its someones inner beauty and basic goodness that is hugely beautiful to me. AND..anyone who can make me laugh is instantly a bonus!

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Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis is a Photographer from Canada.