Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello!! My name is Ryan Kim, also known as @Miknayr, which is cleverly written as my name backwards. I'm mainly focus on Food, Travel, & Lifestyle!! Always shooting ever so generic overhead food shots, bottom center focused portraits, cool textures and patterns, its almost like im just every other photographer on instagram.. maybe just a nobody.... but someday i hope i will become a somebody haha

How did you get into photography?

I “borrowed” my sister’s canon rebel XS and started to play around trying to take cool pictures around my neighborhood at ultra-artistic angles and stuff like that. I was always interested in seeing how a photo would look like just in a form of a frame and I always thought of photography as being really interesting.

What is your favorite time to photograph?

I would definitely say about one to three hours after high noon. The angle of light isn’t too harsh and you still have a lot of light. Sometimes the highlights that happen whenever I’m shooting against the sun or in the shade really makes for wonderful light.

What is your typical shooting gear?

I really enjoy shooting with the most minimal amount of photographic equipment. Usually its either with my Fujifilm X100S or iPhone but when its time to work, its with a 5d2 or 5dc and a bunch of prime lenses.
Recently ive been using my 5dc and 40 2.8 pancake lens!

What is your dream shooting gear?

To be honest, if there was something like my iphone but had the quality of a leaf or phaseone back and a lens equivalent to a 80 2.8 on the phaseone back… I think that would be my dream shooting camera haha

Which is the most unnecessary trend in the field of photography?

Hm…………. I would have to say im really kind of over seeing hot chicks on white walls… how basic you know??

Is there the perfect photo?

No I really think the perfect photo would have too many imperfections that Somebody else will point out. Perfection is subjective

What was the best moment you've shot?

It hasn’t happened yet.


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Ryan Kim

Ryan Kim is a Photographer from the USA.